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by anonymous

For my case of configuration, i would like to ping any Ethernet instrument behind the LAN port of a RUT240 (setup as client) from any PC behind another RUT240 (setup as server).  The objective is to setup the L2TP which allow ping Instrument or PC behind the client RUT240 from a PC behind the server RUT240. 

After testing the L2TP setup, I was able to ping the virtual IP both direction, but my aim is to setup a L2TP tunnel like figure below. I notice this setup available on IPsec and it require two static public IP sim, but i don't have two static IP sim card with me to test it currently. And i prefer to use L2TP instead of IPsec. 

If the L2TP just allow to ping between the Virtual IP, can anyone explain the purpose to setup a L2TP for virtual IP connection.

Please correct me if I understand the setup wrongly.

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by anonymous

you can use L2TP like this setup.

You need to add static routes in both routers to reach each others LAN over L2TP.
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by anonymous

May you indicate what should i set on the static route page?

I added below setting in Server router.

Routing table Interface Destination address Netmask Gateway Metric

WAN                                        xl12tpd_L2TP1                                                        gateway and metric left blank

I added below setting in Client router

Routing table Interface Destination address Netmask Gateway Metric

WAN                                        xl12tpd_L2TP2                                                    gateway and metric left blank

I still not able to ping from both side. 
And FYI the client side using Simcard without Fix Public IP
by anonymous
Try to use MAIN routing table.
by anonymous
Both side using the Main routing table then client able to ping the Server, but it server not able to ping client.
by anonymous

For Server side, add this route:

For client side, add this route:

Then both side can ping each other physical Ethernet port.