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I configured ipsec with mode "transport". I configuered L2TP with IP and user etc..

I want to use the built-in tool from Windows 10 "L2tpoveripsec with preshared key".

I enter the access data and the connection is successfully established to the Teltonika RUT240.

I can ping and acces to Weblogin from my client to the Teltonika.

But the problem is, I can not reach any other devices in the LAN behind the Teltonika router. No ping no web acces of Video Station or other Devices.

My Router is RUT240.

Must i added a route? But i dont know where.

When i connected with "pptp" or "OPENvpn" is working with access or ping to other Devices in lan.

Thanks in advance for the help
I have the same problem.

I tried a number of firewall rules but was unable to reach devices connected on the same LAN with RUT240.

With PPTP this is no problem, devices respond also to ping and everything. When switching to L2TP they are no longer accessible. Only the router is.

Can someone point to a specific firewall rule that must be edited ? Or place a screenshot ?

2 Answers

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by anonymous

it should work without static routes.

Check if Video station has default route.

If you trying to ping windows PC under RUT2, ping is disabled by default in windows.

Try to look to firewall zones, L2TP zone should be able to reach LAN zone.
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I managed to fix the problem.

I'm posting a picture with the setting: