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I saw in DS of RUT240 it can handle multiples APN but I am not able to find where to configure ?


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by anonymous


Standard RUT2 firmware version does not have "Multi APN/PDN" functionality.

This functionality is realized in special firmware version, which you have download from here: Multi_APN_Firmware

With this firmware:

  - In "Network -> Mobile" menu configure your primary APN.

  - In "Network -> Mobile -> Multi APN" configure your secondary APNs.

Thank you for the quick answer.

I upgraded the modem with this FW. Now I can see multiple APN but it looks like it is not feasible to use different APN at the same time and to kink them to different LAN ports ?

by anonymous


Yes it is possible when used in combination with router's Load balancing functionality. Router's configuration should look like this:

 1. Navigate to "Network -> Mobile" menu and configure your primary APN.

 2. In "Network -> Mobile -> Multi APN" menu add secondary APN.

 3. In "Network -> WAN" menu select "Load Balancing" option instead of "WAN Failover". Then make sure that "checkbox'es" are selected for both mobile interfaces.

 4. Navigate to "Network -> Load Balancing" menu and create two new "Policies" and two new "Rules" (Existing rules can be deleted). Here is the picture how load balancing should be configured:

In picture:

     - Parameters, highlighted in blue are mandatory. It is essential to have two Policies on different mobile interfaces with "Ratio: 1".

     - Parameters, highlighted in green can be renamed to your needs. You can enter any custom names of Policies/Rules, as long as you will select correct "Policy" for each "Rule".

     - Parameters, highlighted in red are conditions, which should be used to differentiate the traffic, so that it would be routed through different mobile interfaces.

The idea of Load balancing: When new packet should be sent from the router, router checks Load balancing "Rules" from top to bottom. It if finds matching rule (which satisfies the condition), it sends packet through the interface, which is assigned to Policy of this Rule.

Because of that, special rules (which applies to only certain conditions) should be on top, while "default action" rule should be the bottom one.

Thank you very much for the answer.

So using router mode, we can manage the 2 APNs.

What about the bridge mode ? Is it possible to bridge one APN to one mac address and the other APN to an other mac address ?

RUT240 is able to do this ? Or do we need to choose an other product ?

by anonymous

In "Bridge mode" most of router's functionalities are disabled, including multi APN support. Therefore router cannot forward its Public IP address to LAN devices when using multi APN functionality.

Nonetheless, using "Port Forwarding" functionality, you can forward ports from certain Public IP to particular device in router's LAN. This can be done from "Network -> Firewall -> Port Forwarding" menu.