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I just bought my RUT 950 and have started to connect computers, tablets, phones and printers and it works fine. Until I started with the Google Chromecast, then I hit the wall. Troubleshooting gives at hand that it doesn't work with WPA2-enterprise, and that I should avoid channel 13. I use channel 11 and WPA2 PSK and can't get it to work. Du you have any solutions? It have always worked before RUT.

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by anonymous

Since channel 11 overlaps with channel 13 the first thing we would suggest is to switch to a lower channel. 1,6,11 are the only channels that don't overlap between them.


What is exactly the problem? You can't see the router from the config toll of the chromecast or is just that it doesn't streams information to the destination devices you want to oCast over the network?
Best answer
After rebooting and reseting the Chromecast like a million times and using channel 6 it finally works! Thank you very much för your help!

(You use the app Google home to configure the CC. I started the app to change SSID and network key. I realized that I had to delete the "old" one and start from the beginning. So when the app found a CC it asked if I would configure it now. I said yes and after 10 seconds the app told me it could't communicate with the CC. On the TV it said that I should use the app to configure... Reboot, reset and nothing. Channel 6 did the trick!)
by anonymous
Thank you for the feedback, we really appreciate it.