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I am trying to setup a hotspot(captive portal) using radius server config but i am having a problem on the captive portal. On mobile device (android) i have no problem connecting to the captive portal because once i key in the wifi password I will be automatically redirected to the landing page where I will key in the username and password to have internet access. but when i tried it on a windows desktop or laptop after i key in the wifi password I am being redirected to this url and not on the captive portal landing page. Does anyone here  encounter this kind of error and if yes what did you do to solve it?

My settings is

Mobile display

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by anonymous

Are you using the Microsoft Edge browser? It worked normally for me with Chrome, but I got the same result on Edge.
by anonymous

This is Neil, I asked the question but after i logout i was unable to re-login using the original account that i use to create the question that is why i created a new account. No I am using a chrome browser to connect to the captive portal. Is there any work around with this? I already tried resetting the browser.but it's still redirecting me to that URL.

by anonymous
Hello again,

No, I can't think of a workaround, but there is obviously a bug that needs to fixed. I am giving this info to our R&D for analysis. I will keep you posted when I get any news.