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How to place the antennas on my Rut955?

Can they be facing down stucked to the roof ? Or on the side wall?

And the minimum  distance between the antennas?  Can i place them all in a row with 5 cms distance between each other?

Can i put them outside?


3 Answers

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by anonymous


RUT955's antennas are omnidirectional. Therefore you could place antennas in any desired position (on the car's roof, building walls, etc).

Take note that for best effect, router's antennas should be spread as far apart as possible. Of course, you can place antennas close together - they would not interface with each other.

RUT955's antennas were designed to be used indoors. Of course, you can use antennas outdoors too (they will be working without any issue), but take note that antennas might loose their marketing appearance from direct sunlight and rain. Just make sure that water from rain would not be able to flow to the router through antenna's cable.

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These antennas most people used indoor. But you can adjust it anywhere. You have to protect carefully else all ok.