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by anonymous

Good morning everyone,

as I learned yesterday that there is no way to use two SIM cards simultaneously and that there's no way to trigger a script by SMS I have a couple of questions regarding best practices.
As I have two SIM cards, SIM1 with a data only plan und SIM2 with a "normal" mobile plan I'd like to use SIM2 in "standby" mode and switch to SIM2 for a mobile data connection.

  • Is there a way to switch to a certain SIM card in a script(e.g. SIM2 regadless which SIM is active at the moment to use a defined SIM card)? To toggle between the cards was the only solution I found in the manual.
  • Is it possible to trigger multiple actions by SMS command (e.g. send SMS, force SIM change, WiFi on)? Perhaps use all the commands in one SMS?
  • Is it possible to trigger multiple actions by using a digital input (e.g. Wifi off, force SIM change, send status via SMS)?
  • Is it possible to trigger a script via digital input?
  • If not via SMS what is the best way to trigger a script? Switch do data SIM, open a VPN tunnel, use SSH to execute script?

I appreciate any hints to point me in the right direction.

Best regards,


1 Answer

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by anonymous

Thanks for your answer.

But this covers only that it is possible in general and unfortunately didn't help me much.

Please telle me:

  • how to trigger a script from Digital Input. It's not covered in WebUI or in the manual.
  • where do I find information which simcard is active. It's not to find in sim_switch or simcard.
Thanks for your help!
by anonymous
You need to have a good understanding of busybox, I do not have time to write the code for you, sorry.