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We use the RUT955 as OpenVPN Client. Sometimes the connection is not possible because the DeviceTime is not correct.

Internet-Connection is limited to the VPN-Server so that the RUT955 might not reach the NTP-Servers. But I've also set the option to save the time to flash. Now if the device is off for a few days the time stands still and isn't correct. What can I do?

If the connection over VPN is established, how can I check if the NTP Update works? 

Update Time can't be set to 60sec?!

I want to use the RUT955 as Client for NTP over WAN and then as Server for the LAN Devices. But the LAN Devices didn't get the time.

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by anonymous
Can you use GPS ?

Our see if you can ping the ntp server and restart NTPd with uci maybe?
I will test gps.

What is uci ? And how can i ping the ntp server?
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GPS is also not working. Device has a distance of 5 days after leaving it offline for 2 weeks.
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Can you please help me. It is not working and I need a correct time for openVpn.

How can I test if ntp is working?
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I I run into the same problem. If my router is off for any length of time, time stops. I have no access to an NTP server.
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by anonymous

We are checking this issue.

Can some one of you reproduce the issue and send me a troubleshoot file of the device?

System -> Administration -> Troubleshoot File -- Download button.