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I am looking at using the RUT950 with ZeroTier to be able to provide remote support for my clients.

I have found the Teltonika ZeroTier setup guide but this only covers setting up a network between two RUT routers.

I want to be able to set up a connection between a PC and a RUT 950, enabling the PC to access all local devices connected to the RUT950.

Assume I have

1. RUT 950. Local address: Connected to Internet via 4G.

2. Other network device connected to LAN port of RUT 950. Address:

3. RUT950 connected to a ZeroTier network. IP address on VPN interface assigned by ZeroTier network controller. Different subnet than local network (

4. Remote (other location) PC connected to a ZeroTier network. IP address on VPN interface assigned by ZeroTier network controller

The RUT950 and the PC can now ping each other, but what are the necessary steps to enable the remote PC to communicate with Where do I set up the routing? Or is it possible for the remote PC to get an address on the VPN interface within the range to make sure it is on the same subnet as the local network behind the RUT950?
You setup the routing in Zerotier on the networks page

It becomes a managed route where points to the Zerotier allocated address for your RUT950

I am doing it and it works well

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by anonymous
I'm searching for the same guide !
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I'm totally lost on routing configuration (maybe because I'm a newbie too)

For Zerotier interface

  • My PC have Zerotier One Windows client, connected to Internet, with managed ip on Zerotier virtual port
  • My RUT955 have Zerotier Package with managed IP
  • On Zerotier Central, I have added rule to route via (as described on Zerotier One Guide from Teltonika)

On LAN interface, 

  • RUT955 have for LAN
  • RUT955 is connected to Internet via 4G LTE connection (NAT mode)
  • PLC / / Gateway  with webserver (port 8080) and Modbus TCP Server (Port 502)
    • Ofc, on LAN, all is working.

With Factory settings, I can ping my PLC ( when Zerotier is connected with Latency ~50ms.

How to route connection between my PC, ZerotierCentral, RUT955 and my PLC ?

What is the difference between ZeroTier Server setting and Client setting on Zerotier VPN ?

Maybe it's a stupid question but I don't find any document to explain howto make it ...

Finally' it's works (It's so easy that it's incredible)

For my example if it will be useful to others newbies

On RUT, no static routes, just install Zerotier package in Server mode as described on Teltonika doc)

Just add on Zerotier network : (=mask via (Zerotier managed IP)

That's means all IP between to are reachable behind my RUTxxx