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I have been trying to change my main wan on my RUT955 via sms. But without success. I used this link as a reference. https://community.teltonika-networks.com/12199/change-wan-through-sms .

but this does not work properly.

It changes my wan but refuse to connect to the 4G netwerk after the reboot.

I want to change the WAN from wired to mobile. and back again if needed. What commands can I use for that?

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If you configure yours main WAN as mobile through WebUI does it connect to network? Because as I understand commands do work and yours main WAN changes, but you have mobile connectivity problems.

yes, when i change the wan from wired to 4G mobile it keeps it connection.
Maybe you could simulate the situation and post yours log of what is happening? Or even better maybe you could send me troubleshoot file through PM after you executed commands and yours router is failing to connect to mobile operator?