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by anonymous


Can someone help me to understand the following:
In my credits screen I can see that I have credits but I can not reach my routers although they are being used and are in the air.

I assume something is wrong with the credits, the credits amount or my settings.
Does anyone has an idea?

Thx in advance,

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Firstly, I would suggest updating your routers' firmware in case they operate on an older version. The latest FW can be downloaded from Teltonika Wiki:

Since the time interval that Teltonika devices try to connect to the RMS is determined by the variable timer, try re-enabling RMS service on your Teltonika devices. This can be done in the System -> Administration -> RMS WebUI page or via SMS commands using the "SMS Utilities" feature. For additional information on "SMS Utilities" feature visit the following page:

More information on the variable timer can be found here:

If the issue persists, please send me a private message with your RMS company name and a troubleshoot file taken from the device that is not able to connect to the RMS.