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Help with setting up IPSec VPN Tunnel. I have tried to make one myself but it did not work. I looked at an example from teltonika. I've uploaded pictures of my setup. Hope someone can help me.

I need to make an IPsec VPN tunnel between two Rutx09. In addition to this, two more tunnels are also needed. As shown in the picture below, I have a regular Jensen router, where communication must go through.

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Did you check if your firewall has something droping the connection through WAN?

There are two similar cases in the wiki.

It's connecting to a third-party router.


This is connecting between two RUT955 (I think), but the parameters should be similars.


Another thing you can test is changing FQDN to the real IP, for test purpose

If It works or not please let us know.



It was the windows firewall that stopped the communication between Ruxt 09. So, thanks for the help there. However, I have encountered a new problem. I have made a setup similar on a rut240, but I can't make this work ..

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