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Good day,

We planned to buy a RUTX11 (with Quspot) to place on a sailing ship.
the idea is.

  1. When in its default location. connect to the marina wifi
  2. When sailing connect to a 4G location
  3. When in a new marina. the owner needs to login and add the wifi to the device.
  4. When reteurning to a already visited (of default) marina it connect to the known wifi.

For point 4 the question is. does it remember the old networks or is this always a manual action?



did dyou find something that works for you - I want to create the same solution. The boat shall automatically send data to IOT-Servers and I want to access via VPN checking cameras and settings on board.

Primary connection is marina hotspot, second and third SIM-Cards.

Unfortunately, I bought the RUTX11 already - but it doesnt seem to work as the WAN-connection can only use mobile or wired interface (with the newest Firmware!?). Before one could define it??

Thanks a lot 


1 Answer

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A feature like that is not available on RUTX devices. Although our RND team could create it for you. If you want to do that, contact Teltonika's sales manager.