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Apologies for having to repost this question. The failover is working on the RUT240, but NOT on the RUTX11.

RUTX11 Firmware 2.03.1.  The RUTX11 has an OpenVPN connection to a server. I've configured failover so that if the WAN (wired) primary connection is removed, the RUTX11 switches to the SIM1 connection (secondary), and the Event Reporting so that I get an SMS when failover occurs, or returns to the Wired WAN. I have configured 2 'check IPs' ( and, but only 1 success is needed for confirming that the link is up. I have noticed a couple of issues:

If the router has an active SIM connection before failover is configured, then it doesn't switch to the WAN after failover is configured, unless you disable the SIM connection. After the X11 changes to WAN, you can re-enable the SIM1, and the X11 stays on the WAN (as it should).

If you then remove the WAN connection, the X11 correctly switches to the mob1s1a1 connection (as it should), and I get an SMS saying 'Wan (wan) is down, switching to backup WAN'. However, if you then reconnect the WAN connection, I get an SMS saying 'Swtched to main WAN(wan)', but the X11 DOES NOT switch back to the primary WAN connection, (the data count on the SIM1 interface continues to climb, while the data count on the WAN connection doesn't change). Note that the System log shows the line "kern.emerg Switched to main WAN (wan)", but the data count on the interface shows indicates that this hasn't actually happened. The Wired WAN also shows as having an IP address, and being online, but the X11 doesn't appear to be using it.

If I then disable the Mobile interface, I get another SMS saying 'WAN (mob1s1a1 is down, no more backups to switch', and the X11 starts using the main WAN port (data starts increasing).

If I then re-enable the Mobile interface, the X11 keeps using the Main WAN, correctly.

As I said earlier, the RUT240 is working correctly, using on the Mobile interface, and on the Wired WAN interface

I have a RUTX09 with firmware 2.03.1 and have the same problem (it seems that way).

Today failover had to switch from WAN to mobile but after 1 minute it switched back to WAN. But suddenly after a few hours I received a SMS from the mobile operator that the whole internet bundle was used (12GB).
Teltonika devs, any thoughts? Can you replicate this?

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Thanks for the details. Can you also share the screenshots of your Interfaces and Failover configuration ?

Thanks for checking the problem.

The X11 had a WAN failure last night, and sent a message saying it was switching to mobile interface. About 20 minutes later it sent a message that it was returning to WAN, but when I checked this morning, it had stayed on the mobile interface and used 14GB of the SIM data.

Here are the config images:

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I have followed your steps, but I haven't been able to recreate this issue. Because of that, I am suggesting you reinstall router firmware to the newest version (2.03.3) without using the “Keep all settings” option.

If the issue still persists after reinstall let me know and send me a router troubleshoot file via private message. You can download it from the router's WebUI, System → Administration → Troubleshoot.

The newest firmware can be downloaded from here:

Yes, fix will be released for all RUTX series devices (including RUTX09)

Hi. First of all, i discovered recently Teltonika and it's a very powerful router! Good job!

I’ve this problem as well  

My Openvpn remains stick to the lte wan, even if the main wan comes up again, consuming all credit!

I had the same problem with pfsense and the only solution was to switch to opnsense 

I love the teltonika, but i’m bothered with this old issue  

Please add an option to kill all active sessions whenever a wan comes up again from a failover. Thanks.

Rutx11 with firmware RUTX_R_00.02.04.3

For those keeping an eye on this, I had a PM from Sarunas on 15 Sept saying that a firmware would be released in the 'the next 2 weeks at the latest' with a fix for this. Hopefully it will be out this week...

Hello. We have released new firmware, which includes the fix of this issue. You can download it from our Wiki page.

Confirmed fixed on my RUTX11 with firmware 2.05.1