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Hello Ian here,

I couldn’t manage to use it for outgoing calls. Is it possible or does it need some hw modifications? Cheers!

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The router does not support voice over LTE, but you can make outgoing calls with the following command:

  • gsmctl -A 'ATD+<phone_number>;'

Here are some additional things to take note of:

  • There will be a short delay (about 3-5 seconds) after executing the command before the router starts the call.
  • If you pick up the call, the router will not drop the call automatically. To terminate the call from the router's side, use this command:
    • gsmctl -A 'ATH 0'
  • While the router is making outgoing calls or receiving incoming calls, the service type will change from LTE to WCDMA.
  • If you originate a second call while another call is active, the first call be automatically put on hold.

Generally speaking, the router is not intended for voice/call related stuff apart from the few thing that are available in the WebUI. However, the commands themselves do exist and may be utilized in custom solutions, but it would require creating custom scripts or compiling your own FW using the SDK package.

If you need any additional info, I'd be glad to help. Meanwhile, I hope this will prove useful.

Good luck,


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Hi Ian,

Teltonika devices are not designed for making outgoing calls, hardware modifications won't change anything. You can try VoIP though. Take a look at this page.

Let me know if you have more questions