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Is it possible to do a client isolation on a RUTX08, network users/computers not allowed to seeing each other in the network.

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Yes it is possible. I think the VLAN function should help you.

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I was thinking about that function too, but there is maybe around 40 computers, phones and tablets on the network and they aren´t always connected and there could be new units that will be added all the time.

Almost like a public network.


In this case, describe in more detail an example of your topology.

RUTX08 cannot serve as a wireless access point, what other network devices are you planning to connect?

What exactly do you want to do?


The landlord buys Internet access which comes in through the router (RUTX08) and it is then sent out to each tenant through a coax network together with cable TV, each tenant then has their own wifi through 100/100 Mbit / s, and some tenants have their own router so these will not affected by this as they have their own network after wan port.
But the tenants who do not have their own router get their IP numbers directly from RUTX08 and therefore they can see other computers in the network and we dont want that. So all the tenants use the same public IP number from the ISP.


In this case I think you need to use port based vlan.

Each port will have a different subnet, so you can separate the devices connected to the RUT.

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Thanks, I will look into that function soon as possible and see if I can get it to work :-)

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