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Hello. I updated the firmware, everything went well, then I updated the firmware of the modem and after the update, the mobile Internet was not available .. resetting the device, updating from the site did not help, I also tried to install the old firmware, in any case the mobile Internet disappeared. when going to the mobile tab, I see an error: 500 Internal Server Error

Sorry, the server encountered an unexpected error.

Failed to execute firstchild dispatcher target for entry '/admin/network/mobile/general'. The called action terminated with an exception: /usr/lib/lua/luci/dispatcher.lua:968: The requested node contains no childs, unable to redispatch stack traceback: [C]: in function 'assert' /usr/lib/lua/luci/dispatcher.lua:968: in function

Spent 4 hours of my time, the router turned into a brick, advise the restoration ways?

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Could you provide me more information:

  • Device model that you are using;
  • Firmware versions that you used before and updated to;
  • Modem firmware version;
  • Try to remember your steps how you went through updating process and try to write down firmware versions sequence.

Trying to update from server RUTX_R_00.02.03.1 to RUTX_R_00.02.04.3, was successful.

Modem firmware i dont know (~May version -> current version). now my firmware page looks like:

"Server" fields impossible to choose, also router connect through WAN (for recovering) and after 5 minutes working just freezes.

My main page^

Also i trying to install manually other firmware versions from website, nothing help.


I see that your router does not have any internet connection, so that is the reason you can't upgrade from server. Could you send me troubleshoot file via private message so i could look further into the problem. To download troubleshoot file go to System > Administration > Troubleshoot.

did. thank you in advance
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After looking into your router configuration and files you provided, it seems like something went wrong while modem module was updating. To fix your issue follow instructions below:

  • Extract modem firmware folder that i sent you via private message;
  • Download WinSCP or Firezilla client and try to login (using WinSCP do not forget to choose SCP protocol):

  • Create a new folder inside /tmp/ directory with custom name, for this example I will be using modemfw;
  • Highlight all firmware files, drag and drop them to router;

  • Connect to router via SSH and run this command:

quectelFlasher -f /tmp/modemfw/

  • Wait for the process to finish

  • Reboot your router and module firmware should be upgraded to previous version;
  • Lastly restore your router to factory default configuration and after that everything should work.


Doing this instuctions,

4G is up.

Mobile page - 500 error.

Doing reboot and update, write this about result later.

Very Thanks