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Hi All,

Trying  to use the url blocker and the proxy based blocker to prevent access to video streaming
like youtube. vimeo and mobdro. I have read the wise words in the Wiki about reloading the
browser etc..but its just not doing it for me here. I wondered if the proxy only works on HTTP not
HTTPS ?  I would expect the URL blocker to be working on DNS lookup ??

So - lets start with youtube - On my RUT955 I have tried in both of the filter screen tabs:

none of which worked .

I have saved the changes - I am about to try (but have not yet tried) rebooting the router
to rebind these changes to the operational config.

If someone has this working 100% can they share their filter string please ?

Many thanks



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by anonymous


Here's a text file with some of (not all) Youtube's known domains (including mobile): youtube_domain_list. You can upload it to the router via the Web Filter page.

I've quickly tested this myself and it didn't work for me either until I've rebooted the router. A service restart after save is probably missing. I'll try and look into it.

by anonymous
Thanks once again Dziugas

I suspected a service restart would be needed  - that is the case on most Linux firewalls - but
as I'm in the middle of a test run, I just want to leave it running as I'm trying to accurately
profile the minimum amount of data consumed passively keeping the VPN alive 24/7
so the boss can fight with finance for the SIM data allowance for a target application.