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Can the RUT850 broadcast the normal WiFi AP and also create a Hotspot for guests on another SSID?

If I set up my ssid and then enable to hotspot, it overrides the standard ssid and only the hotspot is left.

I would like to have an ssid with password for certain devices and then have a separate guest network where guests can log in using a preset username/password.

Is this possible with the RUT?

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Could you try follow these steps: 

1. Log in to the Web UI of the RUT850 device
2. Navigate to Network > Wireless
3. Add new Wireless AP like the image below:

4. Enable Wireless and Save. 

5. Then the wireless preview will look like this:

New SSID: Teltonika_Router 

6. Now navigate to Services > Hotspot you will be able to see this: 

7. Just enable hotspot on the AP that you create for mine it is Teltonika_Router. 

So you the RUT850 will be broadcasting two SSID at the same time one operating in hotspot and the other one
is operating like the normal WiFi Network. 

Hope it helps