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by anonymous
Can the RUT850 broadcast the normal WiFi AP and also create a Hotspot for guests on another SSID?

If I set up my ssid and then enable to hotspot, it overrides the standard ssid and only the hotspot is left.

I would like to have an ssid with password for certain devices and then have a separate guest network where guests can log in using a preset username/password.

Is this possible with the RUT?

1 Answer

+1 vote
by anonymous


Could you try follow these steps: 

1. Log in to the Web UI of the RUT850 device
2. Navigate to Network > Wireless
3. Add new Wireless AP like the image below:

4. Enable Wireless and Save. 

5. Then the wireless preview will look like this:

New SSID: Teltonika_Router 

6. Now navigate to Services > Hotspot you will be able to see this: 

7. Just enable hotspot on the AP that you create for mine it is Teltonika_Router. 

So you the RUT850 will be broadcasting two SSID at the same time one operating in hotspot and the other one
is operating like the normal WiFi Network. 

Hope it helps 




by anonymous

My question is nearly the same. I have an Audi with MMI 3G Navigation System. The MMI 3G has an internal UMTS (3G) modem which allows to use Google Maps and some other feature like whether, news,...and WLAN hotspot

So in germany the provider are shutting down UMTS until this summer so the internal modem is useless because GPRS (2G) is to slow. Some people find a way with an external router from TP Link (with openwrt software) and an LTE stick (Huawei E8278 or E3276)..

Therefore it's neccassary to pair the TP Link via WLAN to MMI unit, connect to internet via LTE stick and allow the MMI unit to access to internet.

Is this possible with RUT 850 too?

Greetings from Germany