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Why does the action "Restore to factory defaults" keep user setting in the memory instead of deleting it?
During a new configuration, settings from the previous installation are offerd to be re-used instead of having them to type in from scratch!

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After proceeding with "Restore to factory defaults" the router should reset itself and no signs of configuration should be left.

  • Could you make sure that you have the latest firmware version and you don't have any custom reset button times set?
  • Try resetting your router with the reset button holding it for exactly 5 to 6 seconds
  • Also, you could try executing firstboot command, which will lead you to wipe your router to "first-time use" state.
  • The last resort would be reflashing your firmware in the bootloader menu.



Yes, the latest Firmware RUT955 is installed. No custom reset button times were changed. I just used the Software Button on the Web GUI and afterwards I even disconnected the power adapter for a few minutes.

Very strange - with RUTX11 I did not have such experience...

Next time I will try the physical reset button.