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I am trying to log in to the webUI of a Siemens Logo PLC connected on the LAN sidet of my RUT 240. I arrive at the log in screen allright but when I enter the password of the LOGO, it returns a faulty password error (Log on fail: 602).

When I generate a link using the old "device access" system and I check the "Use Legacy mode", the link generated also works and I am able to log in using the Logo password. However,after just a few seconds it seems the screen auto refreshes, and I end up logged out at the log in screen of the Logo again.

I actually have several devices which seem to act in the same way, routers, some other equipment with WebUI's, they all seem to log off after a few seconds, even befor being able to do something usefull on the devices WebUI.

When on a normal network they do not display that behaviour.

Any idea's? Tried pretty much everything. It would actually be an important functionality for me to go Teltonika/RMS.


I am having the same issue.  I can use remote HTTP(S) to connect the web login page of my webcam (this works well) but when i try to enter the password to get into the camera the page returns "Network Abnormal"

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by anonymous

Could you send me your serial numbers of the devices that are giving your siemens PLC connection and required login information for further testing?

Send it to me via private message.

by anonymous

PM sent (with my now registered nickname wink)!

Thanks in advance!

by anonymous
Thank you, I reported this to RnD and will come back to you once I have anything useful for you.