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I'm using an trb245 and need some timed switching

How to easly setup up an output been low for 45min then 15 high every hour endless.

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For this you should create two profiles (System > Profiles). Set “Default” profile output in low state, and “Second” profile output in high state.

Enable Profile scheduler on Web UI page System > Profiles > Scheduler.

Add as many schedule entries as you need for low or high output.

The advanced user can use ubus call commands to change the output status:

  • To set Output2 to high state: ubus call ioman.gpio.dio0 update '{"value": "1"}'
  • To set Output2 to low state: ubus call ioman.gpio.dio0 update '{"value": "0"}'

Create few custom scripts and use Crontab to run one of them on proper time.

Script example:



ubus call ioman.gpio.dio0 update '{"value": "0"}'

echo "Output 2 state is LOW"