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by anonymous

The report format is not teadable - see settings and result:

Regards AG

by anonymous

PS: Firmware was RUT9XX_R_00.06.06.1 | 2020.03.12

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Please upgrade your firmware version to the latest. Also, it may be an issue with your email that does not support certain encoding.

by anonymous
I first will try to look at the raw-email stored on the providers server. But I need to know, how the e-mail should look like:

1) Was it sent as an attachment, or in embedded format?
2) What will change, when option "compress file" is cheked?
by anonymous

If you follow the configuration exactly as I did it will look like this:

When you check compress file option, the attachment will be sent as .zip file instead of .txt

by anonymous
Update: The report was sent as attachment (txt-File) and is readable when I open it directly on the the server.

There must be something wrong with the E-Mail Header which prevents MS-Outlook to recognize the attachment...
by anonymous
I also googled "--emailbound" and found another report with the same issue here:
by anonymous
It seems that this issue plagues only the Ms-Outlook mailbox, please use another email service until fix is released.