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I have 10 TRB145 units which so far seem to have ver1.04.

Every time I try to upload TRB1451_R_00.02.03.2_LEGACY.bin it fails to after uploading the file via the web browser.

I can upload ver1.06 without a problem and haven't had any problems with the TRB140 that I have updated last month.

So the first two unit I was able to copy the firmware onto the device and then ssh into run /usr/sbin/sysup.  Then was able to use the web browser to update it to the latest ver2.05.1

But the 3 unit doesn't seem to boot up and when I hold the reset for 5 seconds it comes up as a Kedacom USB/ Android bootloader device?

root@TRB145:~# /usr/sbin/sysup -v /tmp/firmware.bin

[Severity ] Message

[Info     ] Flashing kernel image

[Info     ] kernel image flashed succesfully

[Info     ] Flashing rootfs image

[Warning  ] Bad erase block no 39

[Info     ] rootfs image flashed succesfully

[Info     ] Flashing modem image

[Info     ] modem image flashed succesfully

[Info     ] All images flashed succesfully

[Info     ] Changing the boot configuration from a to b

[Info     ] Rebooting...


[Debug    ] modem file name: trb1451-modem.ubi

[Debug    ] modem sha1: e2b0d25b1a6822c9e1a61bf9ee1295fe0efb98ce

[Debug    ] modem size: 41943040

[Debug    ] bootloader image does not exist

[Error    ] SHA1 checksum missmatch for modem

[Error    ] modem checksum validation failed

[Error    ] Failed to validate modem image

[Crit     ] Upgrade package validation failed

Also have re-downloaded TRB1451_R_00.02.03.2_LEGACY.bin no difference 

Calculated the SHA1 to be 3cde6af4c7d2c766c25e5fb77bd9d840339bff16, which is the same hash for trb1411-modem.ubi

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Regarding this issue of yours i am currently waiting response from our HQ for the solution of the issue you are having.

Thank you and have a nice day!

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Here is a solution to the issue you are having kindly follow the steps provided below:

1.Turn off/unplug TRB14x;
2.Press and hold reset button, at the same time plug the power cable and keep holding reset button for about 5 seconds (mobile signal LED's should start blinking);
3.Download and install adb from this link: https://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2588979
4.Use cd command to navigate to the place where you saved the tlt-rootfs-trb1451 file (Example: cd C:\Users\ma.ju\AppData\Local\Temp);
5.Then use this command: fastboot flash rootfs_a tlt-rootfs-trb1451.ubi;
6. When it completes the process use this command; fastboot flash rootfs_b tlt-rootfs-trb1451.ubi ;
7.Then use this command: fastboot flash boot_a tlt-boot-trb1451.img ;
8. When it completes the process use this command; fastboot flash boot_b tlt-boot-trb1451.img;
9. When it is done unplug and plug your device again, it should boot up as normal

UBI Files Link: https://we.tl/t-NXSALBKSoD

Hope it helps

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Thanks Jerome that worked, the trb145 is now unbricked.

So what about the TRB1451_R_00.02.03.2_LEGACY.bin having what I assume is an incorrect hash for trb1451-modem.ubi?

Cheers, Dennis

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You're most welcome the legacy bin is used when the device is having a firmware of TRB145X_R_00.01.06.1 or Older. 
But if you successfully recovered the trb device you can update it to the latest firmware :) without using the legacy firmware.  

Hope it helps,