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by anonymous


I have a very strange task because we have prepared router to install in project and at office there was everything fine with the device.
After installation there is no communication with the router with the router.

Router works properly because we have access to the device behind the router but there is no connection the device.
> router answer for PING
> we have SNMP response

Initially I thought that was wrong firewall configuration (IP restriction) but the device does not response for SMS managements also.
Is there any way (for you) to restore the device/ get access to the device?

Router is installed over 300 km away from me so it is quite problematic for us to send our technician but if there is no other option we will have to do that.
That router response is:

Best regards,

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by anonymous

We cannot access your device if it is not registered in the RMS. First of all, I would like to ask if you have enabled remote HTTP/HTTPS access in the router? Also, if you are willing to send a technician then please refer this link how to recover device:

Yes, WAS HTTP/HTTPS access was enables and tested before sending router to final location.

After installation that functionality is not working.

Even that router should be able to enable/disable WAN access via SMS managements which is the biggest issue for us.

We will sent our technician in a few days.
by anonymous
There could be an issue with a SIM card that somehow disconnected. Troubleshoot file would be useful to track down the issue.
SIM card is also fine (confirmed by Operator).
And we have access to the device behind the router that was configured via Port forwarding.
we had technician last night at the router place that had no WAN access to the router and he met with the situation:
> WAN access was turned off - it was 100% sure that was turned on during the configuration
> we cannot control via SMS because there was 7 stored sms.
After removing these SMS there came another 3, after removing them there came another package of SMS.

After cleaning SMS storage from all SMS we could control via SMS Management.

Router is working with firmware 6.06.1 and did not even required reboot.