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Good afternoon, 

As a background to what I am trying to achieve, my network is both commercial and residential with a mixture of devices.

  • All devices need to be able to see each other
  • Devices need to be broken into logical groups (vlans or subnets ??) to aid monitoring of bandwidth and management
    • Work devices
    • Personal devices
    • Iot devices
    • Media Devices
  • All devices need to use DHCP for address assignment
  • Some devices will use a static lease via DHCP

Once the above is complete I intend to use the VLANs to route different devices to different WAN interfaces b default (load balancing by routing rather than automated load balancing based on traffic)

In terms of this question this is where I need help!

  1. how do I go about creating multiple vlans
  2. how do I assign a device to a vlan
  3. how do I allow devices to communicate with each other across vlans

thanks in advance


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Please check this issue, you might find what you're looking for there: