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I would like to use the function "SMS Forwarding To Email". But I would like to add the phone number from the incoming sms as a subject in the email going out. Preferably if you could specify the subject and use the phone number as a parameter in the subject. Like this:

Subject: SMS from {SendersPhoneNumber}

Subject: SMS from 0043847293023

Is this possible to accomplish in some way in the Teltonika RUT routers? Or does anyone have some other solution for this problem?



2 Answers

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by anonymous

For now, there is no such possibility, but I can report this to RnD as a suggestion.

That would be great! And, I imagine, not that difficult to accomplish.

I'd be happy to be a BETA tester of this function :)

Thank you!

BTW. I'm using a Teltonika RUT950 for the moment.

Here is another nice use case for this feature. Maybe you can bounce that over to the RnD team also @ErnestasB :)

We setup a mailbox named In the RUT950 router we setup "SMS Forwarding To Email" to that address.  As subject we specify only the senders phone number:

Subject: {SendersPhoneNumber}

Using the "Email to SMS" function we specify the same mailbox ( for the router to fetch mails from.

Now, when we receive a SMS forwarded as a mail to we can simply hit "Reply" in our mail program and actually do a reply on the SMS we received.

That's a use case we would love! :)


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by anonymous
Huge +1 on this.

Looks like accomplishing this requires enhancements to sms_utils.c from mobutils. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find the source code for this package - it isn't in the SDK either. Could you please share the source code so I can take a look at implementing this feature myself?
by anonymous
Just a friendly reminder to share the source code for the mobutils package in your sdk. In case you think that package can remain closed-source, I think you may have misunderstood how the GPL license works. Here's a refresher. If you sell a product that contains ANY GPLv2 code (even as a tiny library), then you MUST release to your customers ALL the source code FOR THE ENTIRE PRODUCT. This is why big software companies like Microsoft are SUPER careful to never use GPL-licensed code in their closed-source products, like Windows. I'll wait a few more days, but if I don't see action, I may need to refer this matter to ... I dunno. Jesus. Anyway, thanks for a great product. Please just give me the source code so I can build this much-needed feature for myself. Thanks.
by anonymous


I would like to point a couple of things.

  • mobutils package is developed by Teltonika and uses third party libraries which do not have source code disclosure requirement listed in their licenses.

"If you sell a product that contains ANY GPLv2 code (even as a tiny library), then you MUST release to your customers ALL the source code FOR THE ENTIRE PRODUCT."

  • The above statement is not correct as our firmware is not a single program, but consists of different software packages bundled together. This means that Teltonika is not "combining two modules into one program" but is using what can be phased as "mere aggregation". Please refer here ( for more information. To expand on this, you can take any Linux distribution as an example and consider this: there are only ~10 distributions which are 100% open-source. All the others use a bunch of closed-source, proprietary drivers, codecs and other software. Linux kernel being licensed under GPLv2 and having requirement to disclose source code or necessity to use the same GPLv2 license for any derivative work brings no such licensing restrictions on user-space programs.

Best regards,