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Rutx12 internet speed is very low, and same sim i use with other modems they are giving very high and more over double the speed, Please adivce if there are some settingsi am not doing. I have recenlty update the firmware for both device and modem too, thanks Aman

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by anonymous


Regarding the issue you are having there are a lot of factors that may affect LTE speeds you can refer to this link below for more details: 

Also it is best to check if the RUTX12 is using Carrier Aggregation or not you can check it in Status > Network > Mobile

Hope it helps.



by anonymous

with below command entered.

  • gsmctl -A 'AT+QCAINFO'!Apaw_dZZ3yoIsW6WO0zv-kWLGbyE?e=Q4d7SM

by anonymous
So it is using carrier aggregation, only within the same band and between different channels.
by anonymous
Updated modem to EG06ELAR04A08M4G, however on the X12 i still need to change Band selection Manual for it to select Dual under Carrier Aggregation as for the X11 it Auto detects and changes to Dual by itself.
by anonymous

When you have performed a firmware update, did you do it with Keep settings option enabled?

Could you try resetting both devices from factory defaults, if you did. Depending on the previous version, migration to the latest may have left some internal configurations, which might interfere with the device operation.

by anonymous

I just restored to factory default settings on both units and now both units can not change to Dual under Carrier Aggregation.

Was the log files i sent you able to check if it is firmware related to this release?