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I know this topic was discussed on this forum a lot already but I can't get my setup to work. 

I have an RUTX08 with OpenVPN as server configured (configuration in the picture below)and my client: Windows 10 with OpenVPN client v11.20.0.0 uses the following config:


     ev tun_c_ovpn

     proto tcp

     remote x.x.x.x 1194

     resolv-retry infinite

     keepalive 5 10




     verb 3







Additional information: 

RUTX08 local lan: 

device I want to RDP to from the WIN 10 client:

I have the push route configured, the firewall allows input, output and forward from openvpn -> lan and vice versa.

I can reach (ping) the RUTX08 via and but trying to ping doesn't work, trying to rdp to it also doesn't work. I also tried a port forwarding from vpn to lan but no positive effect. Another problem is with the tls client settings, when I am trying to assign an virtual local ip an virtual remote ip to the client via tls clients it is simply ignored. (not that much important)

I have no idea any more what the problem might be. Can someone help me please.

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Please check if your WIN10 firewall is shut off. It might be the reason why you can't reach only.

Best answer

thanks a lot. I am very ashamed, but as a way able to connect to my computer via the domain network. I didn't think about the windows firewall. But the network of the RUTX08 was tagged as guest/public an for this type of networks PING und RDP were rejected in the windows firewall.

Now everything work. Thank you

I was also able to solve the TLS Client/static IP problem by understanding that the IP have to fit into an /30 subnet.