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is it possible to use the rut955 as a Modbus TCP gateway. I have several Modbus RTU devices connected via RS485 to the Rut955. I would like to read out values from these RTU devices from my remote SCADA system.

I´ve just found an option to send the data via JSON File. This would be a push method.

Reading out the Rut955 via Modbus seems to be possible just for Router parameters, but not for connected slaves.

Greetings Chris

2 Answers

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  • Set the port as Modbus Gateway on your rut (Example: LAN IP
  • Ensure that all the RTU devices have unique ID (Address)
  • Request connection to with the device ID for the address.
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Yes, it's possible. In Services - RS232/RS485 section you can configure the Modbus Gateway.