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I'm trying to connect a Teltonika TRB140 to a Lancom router via IPSEC VPN. The IPSEC tunnel was created sucessfully but I can't ping or reach devices behind the TRB140 or even ping the LAN interface from the Lancom side.

The setup is as follows:

The Lancom has a fixed public IP address which I just displayes with Y.Y.Y.Y. in that example. Please notice that I use the class B net as class C for the VPN tunnel.

The configuration is shown in the following picture.

In that configuration I can ping all IPSEC IPs of all devices. But not the original LAN IPs.
Something seems to be wrong in the IPSEC status:

The last shown IP address is located in a /32 subnet (which normally needs to be /24) and has no defined net on the other side (which normally should be The connection only works if I hook the option "Default Route" to on.

At the moment I have no idea how to move on with that problem.
Thanks for your help.

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Could you provide a screenshot of the Lancom device configuration page? Also, try changing Local/Remote identifier values to FQDN and check if it works. By the way, when you enable IPsec instance, try to check router logs and post them here. To read logs enter logread command in CLI.