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If I connect a Power fail detection circuit (to be defined) to the 1-6 contacts of the RUT955, do you think that the device could have the time to send a sms (input configuration > digital > input open).

If not, what could be a best approach ?

Thank you,

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You would require an auto failover power supply (battery for example) to able to garantee notifcation of power failure event
Best answer
A powerbank between the AC voltage source and the RUT955 ?

Do you have examples of realization for the RUT955 ?
I use this power supply (POWER SUPPLY MEAN WELL SCP50 / 12 12V 3.6A) which supports a battery and has an output to monitor the absence of electricity and go to monitor it with the input of the power socket (pin 3)

Does this PSU charge a lithium battery for example?

Thanks C

This power supply is made to charge the classic lead buffer batteries used in anti-theft and security systems.

I only found this model, at least in Italy via ebay