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by anonymous


First of all i am very new  with teltonika modems.I have been trying them for a week

I've been using option's GS3 and cloudgate modems before and now I tried the power of the RUT 240 and RUT 950 and I really like them.

I have no licences (except 1 demo) for rms and for now  i am looking and asking for how to solve  this rms problem, how and how many  must i supply but this is not my prior problem

I have to deploy more than 300 devices, for now, and even more in the future. I would like to know if there is a way to write a configuration script that can be executed from ssh and set-up the LAN, WAN etc.  OR may be a solution  that i can manually  upload my config file via a cable connection or may be via rms

What will be common and   the  differences  btw my config file that i will prepair  for every modem are ; ( let me try to explain  over setup wizard )

  1.        * I have to change password with common one
  2.        *I have to select  time zone for General Tab of setup wizard
  3.        * On step 2 /  mobile tab
  •  Operator country , operator profile, apn authentication method ==> Common
  • Pin Number, Dialing Number and  authentication method ( i will select Chap ) the username and password will be different for all modem

4. On step 3 Lan  i have to change   Ip  ==>  192.1681.1 to 172.16.*.*  and  change the  start to 172.16.*.2 and limit to 1 as common for all modems

5.Step 4 Wifi i will disable it for all

6. On firewall i have to  add some port forwards to 172.16.*.2  for our usage as common for all modems

7.And the last will allow ping to 172.16.*.2

This is my own short story with teltonika.Can be  different for every one accoring to needs.Bu as a result i have to  find a way to config this modems in a short time.If i cant find i have to do it one by one and this will be very tiring.

Is there any way ? For example i have been exporting  a sample config file and  replacing  all differences (number , pin, ip) in notepad and  i have been uploding it to my GS3 and just restart it.And done.. I am asking  a way like this so as to complete my configuration as much as short time..

Thank you.

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by anonymous

RMS supports an API, for custom scripting. I wrote you private message about this solution.
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by anonymous
Thank you Thomas i'll try it soon.
by anonymous
It is posible to have an example of script with bulk configuration on multiple devices in same time
by anonymous
I'm also looking for a bulk config with a couple of variables
Hi Tomas,

i am in the same situation to deploy 50 Routers with some specific settings like APN settings, PW change, dhcp Settings, etc...

And i would like to do this with ssh.

Can you also send me an Example Script?

Thanks in advance!
I am in need of performing a similar task, are you able to share same information?
by anonymous

RMS now have working API, which can be used for such applications. All information about API and reference methods, check developers page: