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by anonymous

Hello, after reading this thread and others abot that I am still in the dark ... 

I have RUTX12 and would like to configure it as follows: 

LAN 1 - LAN ports 1,2,3 + WiFi with SSID XY (5g+2.4g) strictly to Modem 1 

LAN 2 - LAN port 4 + WiFi with SSID YX (5g+2.4g) strictly to Modem 2 

LAN 1 and LAN 2 doesn't see each other.

Don't have Static IP on SIM cards so would like to do that without gateway way.

WAN port could be also routed to one or another LAN (manually disable one or another modem) 

For LAN 1 would like to have option to whitelist who can access Internet otherwise just LAN 1 traffic

 Is all that even possible ?

Is someone here who can help with this ? 

Thank you for the answer !

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Please refer to this post here:

In the answer's comments, you should find the instructions on how to split the two modem traffic with VLAN, I believe those should help you.

by anonymous

yes by splitting with VLAN an routing with table would work only with static IPs in gateway ... At the end I did second VLAN, static rooting without gateway, new LAN interface than split traffic with firewall zones and for whitelisting internet on wifi I used firewall rules.
by anonymous
I'm happy you got it solved.

Have a nice day!