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Hello !

I would like to prove to my APN operator that my sim card is desactivated since a few days. Which messages of the gsmd log shall i use for that ? I guess but I am not sure that the old sim suporting the 2g have been desactivated and as i am using 4g only I should not be concerned. My rut955 runs correctly with another sim of another operator.

Led connection status: green

Signal strengh: nothing

2 Answers

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Replace the sim with a 4G compatibility.  2G sim won’t work on 4G network.
As i wrote my sim is 4g compatible !
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Hello Jpc, 

Regarding the issue, you are having may I know what product code are you using? And what sim card are you trying to establish connectivity with? Also, this link may help you about troubleshooting the device through AT commands: Mobile Data Connection Troubleshooting - Teltonika Networks Wiki (teltonika-networks.com)

Let me know the results.


Hello !

I am using this sim card since three years ! It is a lycamobile sim card. I don't understand why it doesn't work since a few time. It's NOT a Teltonika problem !

Thank you for the link.
I followed this very interesting tutorial...

+QCSQ: "LTE", ...

+CREG: 0,3 OK

+CGREG: 0,3 OK


Once ERROR, once nothing

QPING: 561

Sometimes +QCSQ: "NOSERVICE"