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by anonymous
Firstly I have updated firmware.

I have manually selected bands 1 and 7, as these are the strongest and fastest. If I leave it on auto it always defaults to band 3 which is painfully slow Anyway, with manually selecting band 1 and 7 the router defaults to band 1. Thats great, but if band 1 loses data conection, the router will switch to band 7, but the data will remain disconected. Then I have to reboot to regain connection.

Can anyone explain what is wrong?

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by anonymous


May i know when devices uses band 7 and data connection disconnects. After rebooting it connects with Band 1 or Band 7  ? If its Band 7 does it works fine after reboot ? 

Can i get the troubleshoot file for this event if it is logged in the troubleshoot file? If the device is reboot , log is lost. 

Make sure if this happens again before rebooting the device download the troubleshoot file in System>Administration>Troubleshoot.

Thank you.



by anonymous

Hi, thanks for replying :-)

Here is the troubleshoot file troubleshoot file

After reboot it goes back to band 1 and all is ok again. If I force band 7 by manually selecting I do get data, but slower than band 1.

by anonymous
by anonymous


Good day,

In the troubleshoot file i found the following information :

AT+QNWINFO:    +QNWINFO: "FDD LTE","23430","LTE BAND 7",3179

AT+QENG="servingcell":    +QENG: "servingcell","NOCONN","LTE","FDD",234,30,434D09,159,3179,7,4,4,2CE3,-96,-6,-70,19,32

AT+QENG="neighbourcell":    +QENG: "neighbourcell intra","LTE",3179,159,-6,-96,-70,-20,32,6,10,6,58

+QENG: "neighbourcell intra","LTE",3179,242,-16,-107,-80,-20,20,6,10,6,58

+QENG: "neighbourcell inter","LTE",522,-,-,-,-,-,-,0,14,5

+QENG: "neighbourcell inter","LTE",3350,-,-,-,-,-,-,0,14,6

And for the signal strength related info you may refer to this

So, you are not receiving good signals that's why you are not able to get higher bandwidth or sometimes you face disconnection.

Also i see that at one moment you received IP 100.xx.xx.xx and the data is disconnected . This is a public IP and i see when data is connected you receive IP 10.xx.xx.xx that is private IP range. What APN settings are you using in mobile ? Auto or Custom. 

Its recommended to keep it on manual . If its on auto and you unselect the auto the correct APN will itself appear in the field and you simply need to save the settings.


by anonymous

I had manual APN set, with what I thought was the correct EE information. I set it to Auto, all worked fine, I then unchecked Auto, it defaulted to Virgin Mobile Internet, I saved that, didn't work. Now back on Auto and working so I will see how it behaves and report back.