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Despite setting the durations to a date 3 months in the future when generating RMS Connect links, they appear to stop working unpredictably.  I haven't found a pattern yet but it is happening to all of our modems.  This creates an issue for us since we need them to access our devices sitting behind the modems.

We create two links per RUT955 modem.  An SSH link and a HTTP link. As I understand the functionality, the links for both should stay working until the date I set for the duration and then disappear.  Every time someone tells me a link doesn't work anymore I go into RMS and the link is no longer there so I create a new one then it works again for an unpredictable period of time.

Why is this happening?  Is anyone else having this same problem?

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Could you provide more information regarding your issue, for example, your RMS company name and at least one serial number of the device that is used to generate links. Have you noticed any patterns with this behavior, for example, does the link expire if you change something in the router configuration or if you run out of RMS connect data? Could you provide exact times when you set the link and when it expired?

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Responded via private message with the requested info.
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10 out of the 12 RMC Connect links we use were gone when needed this morning.  I am keeping a log now of when we notice this and need to recreate them.  I sent all serial numbers to you via private message.

None of the devices lost power since the last links were created.  No modem settings were changed.  Only two of the modems briefly lost connectivity.

I don't have a way to know when the links go away.  I only know when we discover it by trying to use them.

Any progress on this investigation?