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Is it possible that this connection is not configured when I connect a SISO antenna to the LTE auxiliary antenna connector, I have no reception at all, which is NOT the case compared to LTE main antenna connector(I ask this because when I connect MIMO antenna, which is much more powerful, I don't see any changes)

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Kindly check this link for the difference with SISO and MIMO: difference between SISO and MIMO | SISO vs MIMO | MIMO vs SISO (rfwireless-world.com)

For the information about the Antenna (Main and AUX of our Teltonika Network devices) kindly refer to this link: Mobile Main and AUX Antennas - Teltonika Networks Wiki (teltonika-networks.com)

To summarize all, the LTE auxiliary antenna is to improve the receive signal power from the ISP cell tower and the LTE Main antenna is for both the transmission and reception of data of the cell tower.

I hope this information helps