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by anonymous

I just bought a RUT240 and a pointing antenna to get stable and optimum connection. My operator (Tele2, in Sweden) has a 3g-tower just 4-500 meters from where i have my antenna so i decided to have the RUT240 set to use only WCDMA. The nearest 4g-tower is far away.

On my cellphone i get download speeds of 30Mbit/s. I have tried a Huawei router connected to the antenna and i get 20-25Mbit/s. But the RUT240 only gets me 1 or 2Mbit/s download. It does however give me 15-20Mbit/s upload which is much more than my phone and the Huawei.

I an guessing that i don't have the router set up correct. Where should i be looking? Any tips?

Best regards, Johan.

2 Answers

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by anonymous

Thank you for contacting.

First of all its best to update device firmware to the latest in case you are using any older veriion.

Latest could be downloaded here:

Secondly also check if you haven't configured any bandwidth limitation .

Check what are the mobile signals you are receiving:



by anonymous

same issue here.

- updated to the latest firmware 14

- no bandwidth limitations set

- the mobile signals as attached

when I use my iPhone 8 as hotspot, the speeds is extremely faster.  

This should not be the case.

what to do?   I need the system for professional use.

by anonymous
any input on above question please?
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by anonymous
Can I please have some input how to solve the slow speed on the RUT240

at this moment the router is without any value for me!


by anonymous
I have the same problem as well. Could anyone help with this issue?

Everything should be fine, latest firmware, no bandwidth limitations and signal very good. Still DL under 20 Mmbit/s, UL over 30 Mbits/s. When I change the sim to my iPhone 11 I get DL over 150 Mbits/s. What to do? Get another router?