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by anonymous
Hey everyone, using an RUT240 with a Hikvision camera. I'm trying to achieve a light stream from the camera to the web browser. I had a look around the forum and I did find resources to setup the device with either Zerotier or VPN.

If I understand correctly, I can take above approaches to setup a live streaming within the RMS. Is right?

I'm open to any other suggestion with the RUT240 and Hikvision live stream.

1 Answer

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by anonymous

It depends on what security on it you want. If you want it secure and only want VPN clients would have the access to your camera - go ahead and do it with any VPN (ZeroTier, OpenVPN, WireGuard..). What you will need though is a public IP on your SIM card as you cannot make a tunnel without one side of the connection having a public IP address..

As it might get too pricey for some people to pay for this Public IP service - we suggest using our RMS system which will allow you to create a remote connection from anywhere. Just register your device to RMS, buy some RMS credits and you should be able to use a remote connection to any devices connected to your RUT240, including the router itself of course.

With RMS it will be much easier, as you don't have to set up any VPN's and you will be able to share the link of the remote connected Hikvision camera to anybody you want.