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Installed RUT 240, followed the setup wizard and manually changed the APN settings to those provided by the SIM operator. Device connects to the network and shows internet access however I can't actually access anything.

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Thank you for contacting.

May i know what is the firmware on the device? 

Did you tried upgrading to the latest ?

Could be more specific if the there is not internet or there is internet but its slow?

Are you using both the mobile antennas  ?  Its recommended to use both.

If your LAN devices doesn't have internet and on mobile it shows connected , have you tried pinging from device ? 

You can check here:

System>Administration>Diagnostics .

Please let me know the results.





Hi, I've a similar issue with a newly bought RUT240: Since the router is located in a basement, we installed an external antenna outside the basement and get the following results. Unfortunately, despite the active connection you cannot establish a working internet connection. Do you have any hints as to why? Funny enough: Before installing the external antenna the default antenna would establish a working internet connection every other day or so.