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I'm doing some IPSec data use testing that seemed unusually high. I've gone ahead and disabled IPSec now to do a dry run with nothing plugged in and no other outside contact, the box is still chewing through 4.3MB a day, which is really going to add up on the bills with multiple sites.

Adds up to an extra 120MB/month per site, for nothing??

Going to do a factory reset and see if the usage changes. RMS is disabled, GPS is disabled, no devices connected. Only DynDNS is active

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Thank you for contacting.

I depends what services you are using there are services like that really not notice , one of them is NTP server . 

Also depends what data transfer you are doing on IPSEC between the devices. 

You can check live traffic stats in webui itself . Status>Mobile Traffic

If you want to do deep monitoring you can enable a tcmdump in System>Administration>Troubleshoot>Enable TCP dump and later download the tcp dump file and observe the usage.




I'll check the NTP settings, but as of the factory reset, I'm still seeing 1.2MB/day.

The modem does have a public SIM card so I guess I'll put this down to random internet traffic and probing services.

The 4.3MB/day figure was without an active IPSec connection and no connected devices.