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I can't get this router to connect to my ISP (comcast). My ISP is be providing me with an IP address, I have just a basic residential account - from what I understand this means that basically all I have to do on the RTU240 side is just set the protocol to DHCP and it should take off from there?  If I plug my computer directly into the ISP, it works fine, if I plug my other router directly into the ISP, it works as well. I'm on the latest firmware (1.14), and just did a factory reset.

The ISP is connected directly into the WAN port on the RUT240 and I get flashing green, but there is a red X on the WAN port.

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I would like to ask you if you could configure your wired WAN to use static protocol and observe how your RUT240 behaves. If nothing changes, please send me a troubleshoot file from your router. You can download it from System > Administration > Troubleshoot.