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I live in Australia and am looking for a solution for my motor home.  The mobile phone coverage is good in the cities but once you get out on the highways the phone constantly swaps between 4G and 3G.  I have recently purchased a Netgear Nighthawk M5 5G modem which I installed with 2 external antennas and was hoping that when I was driving, my kids could use it as a wifi hotspot and stream videos on their iPads.

Unlike my mobile phone, which somehow seems to seamlessly swap from 3G to 4G to 5G and hold a call, the M5 modem will drop the 4G signal then spend 10+seconds looking for a signal before it finds the 3G signal.  Needless to say wile this is happening the ipads stop steaming videos, etc.

Does the RUT850 work like a mobile phone as its specifically designed for vehicles?? Or have I basically got something wrong??

I should add, in Australia Telstra have H+, I don't know what that is but its effectively faster 3G.

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RUT850 is a suitable solution, it is specifically designed for vehicle in-car applications. However, it cannot be compared to a mobile phones, because it does use CAT 4 modem(mobile phones use more advanced modems).