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by anonymous
I live in Australia and am looking for a solution for my motor home.  The mobile phone coverage is good in the cities but once you get out on the highways the phone constantly swaps between 4G and 3G.  I have recently purchased a Netgear Nighthawk M5 5G modem which I installed with 2 external antennas and was hoping that when I was driving, my kids could use it as a wifi hotspot and stream videos on their iPads.

Unlike my mobile phone, which somehow seems to seamlessly swap from 3G to 4G to 5G and hold a call, the M5 modem will drop the 4G signal then spend 10+seconds looking for a signal before it finds the 3G signal.  Needless to say wile this is happening the ipads stop steaming videos, etc.

Does the RUT850 work like a mobile phone as its specifically designed for vehicles?? Or have I basically got something wrong??

I should add, in Australia Telstra have H+, I don't know what that is but its effectively faster 3G.

Kind regards


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by anonymous

RUT850 is a suitable solution, it is specifically designed for vehicle in-car applications. However, it cannot be compared to a mobile phones, because it does use CAT 4 modem(mobile phones use more advanced modems).

by anonymous
Hey ... sorry for reviving an old post but I have a follow-up question.  We are converting an old bus into a motor home for travelling around Australia.  I work from home so will need a solid internet connection.  Hence my interest in Teltonika products.  I'm looking at the RUTX range, and the RUT range, with adding an external antenna that I can mount onto a painters pole or similar when we camp.  I like the ability to run dual sim (Telstra and Optus) to ensure coverage.

Internet when we are stopped is the priority, but would be nice when we are mobile as well (spotify, audio books, navigation, client calls, etc).

Which product(s) would best suit, do you think?  I don't mind spending what I need to, but don't want to over-spend (ie over-engineer for our situation).