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In my router i configured an avl connection to my-gps.org . Mostly working, but sometimes a lot of points are dropped and in the map view of the track is a long line between regular parts of track following roads.

Are the data sets not buffered? Do the points get lost, if internet connection is bad? Is there no handshake between RUTX11 and Avl server?

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Have you tried other AVL services, not only my-gps.org?

Was it working before with an older firmware version?

Could you give more information, screenshots of what data you're supposed to be sending and what you receive.

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Hello EB,

no i didn't try any other avl server and i didn't try it on older firmware, as my rutx11 is new and one of the first steps was a firmware upgrade.

I would expect, that all points are measured and send in a row positioned over a road, and not like taking the short way through the air ;): see the screenshot of GE along.

So i think, that the avl data could not be sent, perhaps no mobile connection for a while. But the router does not prove if the connection was successfull, just lets data drop. This behaviour remains through all days.