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Has anyone ever used a Teltonika IoT gateway (or similar) to connect to Victron MPPT solar charger using a Victron VE.Direct serial protocol and send the data received to a HTTP server?

I have been searching a MPPT charger from where of I could read some data and push to HTTP server with an IoT modem, but it's starting to look like an impossible task as no MPPT charger has a Modbus RTU (RS485) capability. I was planning to use a TRB245 4G modem, but I'm starting to loose confidence that this problem would have a solution. So here I am, asking you gurus for a bit of help.

A Victron MPPT solar charge controller has a Modbus TCP capability (that would also be supported by TRB245), but it requires an additional part that costs 600 € extra and so is not an option.

It seems that the Victron MPPT charger "broadcasts" VE.Direct serial "frames", so in very general sense, all that would be required from the IoT gateway, would be a "resend" function from serial port to HTTP server. The server could then parse the data.

Is this or similar somehow achievable? I'm quite willing to change the IoT Gateway type from TRB245 if required, in order to solve this matter.



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Unfortunately, right now VE.direct protocol is not supported by any Teltonika device. If you would like to have this feature, you should contact sales manager at Teltonika to initiate a custom development project.

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