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I have a RUT955 connected to an L2TP server running on a Mikrotik router. The connection works, the RUT gets assigned a virtual IP ( in this case) and it can access my HQ router/L2TP server (, but for some reason it can't access the rest of the HQ network ( From the HQ network, I can't access anything on the remote side – I can't get to the router neither by its LAN IP ( or by its virtual IP. I have added firewall zone rules to allow traffic between the L2TP IF an LAN/WAN. I tried turning off the firewall completely, which made no difference.

I can ping the RUT from the Mikrotik, but I can not ping the RUT from a computer in the HQ network.

Any clues?

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Could you try to add a static route rule in your RUT955 configuration? More about static rules can be found right here: https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/RUT955_Routing_(legacy_WebUI)#Static_Routes

Static route should look similar to this:

Destination address:


Gateway: L2TP server IP.