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Hi, I am using TRB145 with firmware version TRB1_R_00.02.06.1. I am testing HTTPs connection to send Modbus data in the form of JSON to https://myjson.live/my-topic-name but have not received anything. What may be the problem?

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Could you share your configuration details right here (blur out sensitive information such as IP)? Also, would you mind testing with 7.0 firmware version?

Hi, I tested with the latest version it is working.

Is there any way to differentiate the JSON payload if the sensor has multiple instances? The present payload for a single instance is like {"data": [293, 661]} with the first one being temperature and the other one being humidity. For individual instances, it will be {"data": 293} and {"data": 661} is there any way to differentiate them like {"data1": 293} and {"data2": 661} or in single instance {"data1": 293, "data2": 661}?


Please refer to JSON format settings: https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/TRB145_Data_to_Server#Advanced_Sender_Settings

Unfortunately, it is not possible to separate data or insert phrases/words between it.



Hi, I observed although the payload is of JSON format date (%d) is displayed as {"date": 24/09/2021 16:34:11} which is not a valid JSON it should be {"date": "24/09/2021 16:34:11"}. And if we use Slave IP (%p) and used Modbus serial the payload is like {"slaveIP": } which is also not a valid JSON it should be something like {"slaveIP": ""}.

Why is that so?

We need to put "" explicitly to make it work like {"date": "%d", "slaveIP": "%p"}.